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Comment: Removed servoy-osgi-target project from open-source projects


  • Install the "egit" eclipse plugin

  • Open the GIT Perspective: Window > Open Perspective > Other > GIT

  • Use the GIT Repositories to clone the desired branches on each repository. Complete the fields as in the following example (replace servoy-eclipse with the corresponding repository)

  • Clone each of the following open source Servoy repositories (each branch on it's separate space):

    • servoy-osgi-target                           (branches: master, ngclient2)servoy-eclipse                                  (branches: master, ngclient2, 201903)
    • servoy-eclipse-tomcat                     (branches: master, 201903)
    • servoy-js-engine                              (branches: master, ngclient2, 201903)
    • servoy-extensions                            (branches: master, ngclient2, 201903)
    • servoy-client                                    (branches: master, ngclient2, 201903)
    • servoy-mobile                                  (branches: master, ngclient2, 201903)



    Make sure to enable the checkbox "check out projects when clone is complete" in the GIT clone wizard