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For a list of all cases resolved in this release, see Fixed cases in Servoy 7.4.1 in our Support System

Servoy Developer

  • SVY-6435 Updated to Eclipse 4.3.2 for improved performance

Build system/JSDoc enhancements

  • SVY-6278 Improved build performance when having a Search View open with results while building

Solution Development

  • SVY-6326 Added to show a Popup in the position where an event occurred
  • SVY-6090 Added ability to upload a JSFile directly using the HTTP Plugin

Web Client

  • SVY-6389 Support added for getScrollX, getScrollY and setScroll for TextArea, HTMLArea, ListBox, Radios, Checkboxes and Media fields
  • SVY-6377 Support for styling the FileUpload Dialog
    The root node of the HTML structure representing the FileUpload Dialog is tagged with a media-upload  CSS class, allowing it to be targeted using a CSS class selector


  • SVY-6338 Improved speed of deleting solutions through the Servoy Admin page