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The first step in installing Servoy is downloading the installer from our website.  

Choosing the correct installer

The Servoy All-In-One installer comes in 2 variations:

  • The cross platform installer (.jar)
  • The Windows executable installer (.exe)

The cross platform installer can also be used on the Windows platform, but some virus scanners block the execution of .jar files. Therefore, the Windows executable installer is provided as alternative.

Running the installer

To start the installation, execute the installer. Depending on the platform, either double click the servoy_installer.jar or execute the following through the command line or terminal window:

java -jar servoy_installer.jar

When double clicking, the cross platform installer opens the servoy_installer.jar as an archive file instead of an executable, the extention '.jar' is not configured to be opened by Java. Either use the command line option, use the platform's "Open with" option or configure the platform to open '.jar' files using Java.

Running the installer will open the installer dialog. For a default installation, just follow the instructions of the installer and do not change any of the default packs.  You may choose different locations for files and rename shortcuts if desired.

For more information about the Servoy All-In-One installer, see Running the All-In-One Installer


Using the default setting will automatically install the PostgreSQL database engine, samples databases, and sample solutions in the repository.

Quick Start Video
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