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Servoy provides a collection of open source Servoy NG components, NG services and NG layouts  which are ready for developers to use, extend or contribute. 

Follow the announcements on new releases in the Forum section Web Components.

Each webcomponent is maintained and released independently. Source code, documentation and release packages are available on Github, at their own project repository. Checkout the master branch to get the source code of the latest stable release or checkout the develop branch of the project to get the latest source code available.

List of published NG components:

List of published NG services:

List of published NG layouts:

NG Components


A Web Components package which provide a set of components, based on the Bootstrap 3 css, intended to be used together with the 12grid layout package (please install that package as well). You can build a responsive layout for your form using this combination or components and layouts.

Bootstrap Components on GitHub

Svy Extra

NGClient component package of all kinds of 'extra' components. Some of the components included in extra are a tree, a lightweight table, font awesome library, a textfield group and a special label.

Svy Extra Component on GitHub

Full calendar

'Full calendar' is a webcomponent capable to render a calendar with events. The component provides an API to handle user interaction to add, delete & change events (drag & drop). Events can be rendered in different views (per day, week, month). Resources can be rendered in different colours as well as put on horizontal as vertical axis (like a gantt view / gantt is a paid feature of the used library)

Full calendar component on GitHub

Angular material

A Web Components package based on the Angular Material library. The Angular Material project is an implementation of Material Design in Angular.js. This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on the Material Design system.

Angular Material on GitHub


The performance of Angular Material library and furthermore of the Angular Material Web Components are not optimal on Windows based browsers (IE, Edge). Is strongly reccomanded to use this set of components only if the browser systems your application should support does not include IE and/or Edge. Note that using Angular Material Components has perfomance impact also on the HTML5 Servoy Form Editor itself on Windows based systems.

NG Services

Web Notifications

A Servoy Web Package which provide NG services for the display of notifications messages.

Web Notifications on GitHub

Office Javascript API for Servoy

This plugin enables the Javascript API for Office into a Servoy solution which can run as a Microsoft Office Add-In.

Microsoft Office Add-in runs interactive HTML5 Web Application, as the Servoy NGClient, allowing you to write/read rich text from/to the document using the Office Javascript API.

Office365 on GitHub

NG Layouts


This is the bootstrap 12 grid layout package for making responsive forms. It is meant to work with the bootstrap components package or any other compatible component packages. You can build a responsive layout for your form using this combination or components and layouts.

12grid Layout on GitHub

License Terms

The listed module are released under the terms of MIT License to deal in the Software without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so

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