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Some regressions are fixed that where introduced in RC1 compared to 833 (When having a login solution that has a login form that extends a form), also a few more clean ups that where found because of the new PersistIndex that is an index for the whole solution model. Also fixed for NGClient is showing a modal dialog, that wouldn't always show the correct size.

Window plugin has now an additional api to create a FormPopup that makes it easier to use and the requirement to have a scope and return dataprovider is gone.

The RestWS plugin has now the same properties again as it had in an older release (7 or 8.0 or 8.1) release, we only now have a maxPoolsizePerSolution property. We removed the global poolsize.

A feature we backported from the next servoy release after 8.4 is SVY-12956 so that tables defined for an hsql in memory datasource are auto created at startup. (don't confuse with datasources.mem)

Developer, RuntimeSVY-13032

Create a PersistIndex class that hold the uuid,id,name indexes of the FS


Array support in datasources from stored procedures

NGClient, SmartClient, WebClientSVY-13070


Developer, ServerSVY-12956

When starting up developer automatically create tables for in-mem servers that have .dbi files


Auto populate war file name/path with defaults in war export wizard


Request to change some default servoy settings

API, RuntimeSVY-12831

Support Array of values in security.setTenantValue()


Slowness issues in 8.4 RC1


Server locks clients


PreImportHook is failing due to Schema Lock


i18n.getDefaultXxxxFormat returns `!${my.i18n.key}!` when having set an i18n key as the default format through the admin page


i18n.getDefaultXxxxxFormat methods return the default format in the Locale of the Server, not the current client


solutionModel.cloneComponent returns null when cloning inherited element


Login with modules stopped working in 8.4rc1


Incorrect SQL returned from databaseManager.getSQL() when combined with Table Filter


Form controller readOnly reset to true (parent form property) when svyServoyapi.hideForm is called in tabpanel

Extensions, NGClientSVY-13086

bootstrapcomponents-textbox empty issue


error after installing extar stuff trhough package manager 8.4rcv1


Clasic ListView modal size is not maintained on NG


Searching for dates in UI of NG client does not work

Extensions, NGClientSVY-13107

Bootstrap Tab Panel


Get MSG: TypeError


Rest-ws plugin max poolsize inconsistencies

Extensions, NGClientSVY-13068

Bootstrap calendar triggering onDataChange when having placeholdertext

Extensions, NGClientSVY-13100

bootstrapcomponents-button visible propery not working


Always export i18n table (if set) column info


Error - Serializing and Deserializing Problem


Servoy 8.4.0 RC1 Error after updating from 8.3.3

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