Servoy Application Server troubleshooting

When experiencing problems with the Servoy Application Server, there are a number of known reasons, which are discussed below. 

When the discussed problems below do not offer a solution, the nest steps would be:

Servoy Admin page > Server Log
When analyzing the Servoy Application Server log on the Servoy Admin page, it's its possible to change the level of displayed log messages using the dropdown at the top of the page, with "DEBUG" giving the most details and "FATAL" the least.

The Server Log also provides an option to temporarily enable Tracing, to provide even more detailed information in the log. Do note that tracing should only be enabled when investigating issues, as it generates a large quantity of output.

Server doesn't start

When the Servoy Application Server will not start, there are a few likely reasons for it:

Server crashes

The Servoy Application Server is very robust and is known for its stability and extreme long uptime. The Servoy Application Server is not likely to actually crash, in a sense that the entire process is killed. What can happen is that due to incorrect configuration the performance decreases to the point where it seems like the Servoy Application Server has become unresponsive.

The most likely reason for this to happen are:

Servoy Smart Client troubleshooting

Smart Client related issues usually are in one of the following categories:

When investigating issues related to Smart Clients, the following tools are available:

Smart Client won't start

Smart Client looses connections

Smart Clients operate connected to the Application Server. When the connection is lost, the Smart Client will automatically try to reconnect. When reconnection is not possible, the Smart Client will automatically provide the user with an error message and the option to close the Smart Client or to continue to try and reconnect.

If disconnections occur without apparent reason like no internet/wifi/network connection, the following items could be the cause of the problem:

Smart Client performance issues

When the solution that is run in the Smart Client doesn't provide the expected performance, it can be that it's the solution that requires tuning. Besides required tuning of the solution, the following items could negatively impact the Smart Client performance

Smart Client crashes

Servoy Smart Clients are not prone to crash. In the unlikely event that this does happen, it's best to enable Java WebStart logging and tracing, start a Smart Client and use it until it crashes and then analyse the generated log

Smart Client automatic update issues

The Servoy Smart Client will by default automatically update itself if a new version of the Smart Client itself or a Solution that is run in the Smart Client is available on the Servoy Application Server.

When issues are experienced with the auto update behavior of the Servoy Smart Client, it can be due to the following reasons:

If the above described situations are not applicable, there are three options to force the update:

Other Smart Client issues

Proxy Settings in Java Webstart, causing fallback to Direct Connection, for which requirements aren't met

Database Connectivity



When connecting to Oracle databases, make sure to use the correct version of the Oracle JDBC driver. Each Oracle database version has it's own version of a JDBC driver and when connecting to Oracle with a JDBC driver that was meant for another version of Oracle, the results can be mixed

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