The following properties can be assigned for a selected breakpoint using the context menu item Breakpoint Properties, accessed by right-clicking on the desired breakpoint in the editor view or the Breakpoints view:

  1. Delete selected breakpoint
  2. Delete all breakpoints (Caution: Breakpoints in all open editors will be deleted.)
  3. Show breakpoints supported by selected target - shows only the breakpoints for the currently selected script editor view
  4. Go to file for breakpoint - goes to breakpoint location in Script editor
  5. Skip all breakpoints at runtime
  6. Toggle Global ExceptionBreak - only stops the process and shows the breakpoint when an error occurs
  7. Toggle Global EntryBreak - breaks the process every time a method attempts to execute, with or without a breakpoint
  8. Toggle Global ExitBreak - breaks the process after the execution of a method, with or without a breakpoint
  9. Expand all
  10. Collapse all
  11. Link with Debug view - highlights the selected breakpoint in the Debug script editor view