A Servoy solution can be exported for sharing or backup and re-imported via the context menu of Solution Explorer.

Due to an issue in Java 6 update 26 the browse button on the Import and Export wizards will not popup the File select dialog. this bug is registered with Oracle and will hopefully be fixed in update 27. In the meantime, the path can be entered manually or Java can be downgraded to an earlier version


Exporting a Solution

To export a solution:

  1. Select Export Solution from the context menu of the active solution node.
  2. Specify the file destination. 
  3. Choose your export options. You can protect the solution with a password, and export the solution with referenced modules, tables, sample data, i18n data, and user groups.
  4. Click Next for additional options (if applicable to the options you selected).
  5. Click Finish. The file will be saved as a .servoy file.

Importing a Solution

To import a previously saved Servoy file to the current workspace:

  1. Select Import Solution from the context menu of the All Solutions node.
  2. Browse to the file location.
  3. Select your import options. These include:
  4. Select the resources solution you want to use with the imported project.
  5. Click Finish. The imported solution will appear under the All solutions node and will become the currently active solution, if this option was selected.