Whats new for 8.3




Core improvements

   when enabled for a database server the stored procedures are shown in the solution explorer and you have them in code completion under datasources.sp.servername.xxxx. If the stored procedure gives back the right info, you can create in mem tables right from the solex entry and fill that at runtime by calling the stored procedure and create the datasource from the returning dataset.

  databaseManager.addTableFilterParam() has now the option to give it a QueryBuilder object. so you can add filters with OR statements or even going over relations.

In the developer a column can be marked as a tenant column (by setting the tenant flag in the table editor). There is a short cut if the column name is over all the tables the same, just select a server and in the popup menu there is an option "Flag tenant columns" that will flag e specific column over all tables at once. Then at runtime the tenant value of a certain client: security.setTenantValue(value) can be set that will add a tablefilter for all those tenant tables. Besides that servoy adds the tablefilter for you, it is also a performance enhancement because databroadcast is filtered. So only clients with the same tenant value will get the changes from each other.



API changes