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One feature in the  Rest Servlet Plugin, it is now possible to control the incoming and outgoing request/response objects.

Lots of DOC related cases in the developer for code completion and validation

Some regressions found about validation of code in the developer (wrong warnings/errors)

Some small other fixes

Developer, DLTKSVY-8452

Automatically insert @override JSDoc tag on methods that override a super method

Developer, DLTKSVY-9546

toISOString on date object

Developer, DLTKSVY-7334

Deprecated relations give no warning if used without scope

Developer, DLTKSVY-11258

String.match(regexp) JSDoc Oddity

Developer, DLTKSVY-9945

Array.shift return type missing

Developer, DLTKSVY-11412

Function "trim" of String class works but is not recognized

Developer, DLTKSVY-10669

Array.reduce not recognized, while supported

Developer, DLTKSVY-11603

entity scope code completion only matches 1 method of a foundset


Supply the http headers of an incoming rest_ws call

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12330

Upgrade bootstrap.js in servoydefaultservices/dialogs to current version 3.3.7

Extensions, NGClientSVY-12336

Recreating a svy-extra-table fails after columns used value lists


File open dialog opens in background when opened from multiple dialogs


Using ExecuteInLineScript is not done correctly with Extends form


Regression in number formats



Developer, SmartClientSVY-12353

Aggregations do not work correctly with MsSql