Eclipse is upgraded to 2018.12 (4.10) the side effect of this is that only 64 bit Java vm's are now supported. Because Eclipse dropped 32 bit support.

So the minimum Java that needs to be installed is a 64 bit Java 8 

Less support greatly enhanced

New Solution Wizard enhancements

JSDoc @typedef is supported better now and over Scopes, so they should be use able now everywhere.

Changed defaults

Media popup menu enhancements

Template support through the outline (and various template fixes related to css positioning and not be able to mix anchored with css pos templates)

WebPackage manager speed improvement, the main index and all the component/services index files are queried in the background on startup.

ListFormComponent can now show the rows as a ListView (1 per row) or CardView (using columns, X per row how many there fit)

OAuth plugin

QueryBuilder allow subselect as joins

QueryBuilder will not remove joins if they where not explicitly added by the sort (so we keep joins more)

Added "servoy.context.path" property on the admin page, if you are deploying through a proxy and the proxy maps it on root when on tomcat it is deployed under a context (war name)
Try to avoid this, if you have a proxy that maps your app on / then also deploy the app on tomcat as the ROOT.war so it is also there deployed as /

Different loading indicator