This chapter describes the process of installing the Servoy Application Server, which uses the same all-in-one installer to install the Servoy Developer IDE. The Application Server allows the deployment of Servoy solutions and can be installed as a standalone server on production machines.

Quick Start for the Impatient

This chapter is the Quick Start on running the installer. for more detailed descriptions see the sub chapters.

  1. Open the Servoy installer file. The welcome message will appear, displaying the version/release number to be installed.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Review and accept the license agreement, then click Next.
  4. Choose Servoy Application Server from the install options, then click Next.  
  5. Specify the installation path. Servoy will choose a default application path appropriate to the system you are using.
  6. Select your desired database options.
  7. Confirm or enter the database configuration or connection details as appropriate:
  8. Confirm or enter the ports you wish to assign to the application server, then click Next. Note: The Web Client will be served over the Application Server HTTP port, and the Smart Client will be served over the RMI port. 
  9. Click Next. At this point, the application server files will be installed.
  10. When the [Finished] message appears on the progress bar, click Next to finalize the installation.