The Servoy Application Server can be started manually or can be run as a service.

For running the Servoy Application server as a service, see Running the Server As a Service

The Servoy application Server can only be started when it has a connection to a valid Servoy Repository:

If one of the aforementioned conditions is not met, the launch of the Servoy Application Server is aborted. For more information on creating and/or upgrading a Servoy Repository see Servoy Repository Upgrade.

To start the Servoy Application Server manually, double click the orĀ servoy_server.bat file in the {servoyInstall}/application_server/ directory, or open a command line or Terminal window to the directory and execute the following command:


Depending on the followed installation procedure, the Servoy Application Server might also be started through the Start menu.

The Servoy Application Server does NOT automatically start the required databases. See Starting the Database for more information.