The Servoy Developer can be updated from within the IDE. This chapter presents the available options for updating the Developer.

Checking for Updates on Startup

By default, when Servoy Developer is started, it will automatically look for available updates and notify the user in case that any updates are found.

This setting can be changed from Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Automatic Updates.

Available Updates

A list of available updates to Servoy and any other components of the Eclipse IDE can be accessed via the menu item Help > Check for Updates.

Enabling Updates to Release Candidate Versions

By default, Servoy checks for Developer updates only on final version releases. To update to release candidate versions, an option needs to be enabled from Preferences page, under Window menu.

There is a list of Available Software Sites under Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites where the Servoy update sites are listed as well. The Servoy Developer updates are retrieved from these sites.

There are two main Servoy update sites: