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SVY-5618 In Servoy 7.4 the behavior of passing custom exceptions thrown from JavaScript into the Solutions onError handler has been changed due to a bugfix.

Prior to Servoy 7.4, the custom exception object was passed into the onError handler wrapped in a undocumented Java class. As of Servoy 7.4 the actual thrown object is passed directly into the onError handler. Implementations that have worked around the bug........

SVY-5538 Behavior Change in the Web Client due to aligning the behavior of controller.enabled with the Smart Client behavior 

After disabling a controller, individual elements on the controller can now be enabled through scripting. This behavior has been present in the Smart Client for a long time. The behavior in the Web Client has now been brought inline.

SVY-5213 Prior to Servoy 7.4 the method application.getValueListDisplayValue would not return a result for real values that are not in the first 500 entries in large ValueLists. As of Servoy 7.4 the display value is always returned, regardless on the size of the ValueList

Web Client

 The behavior of controller.enabled in the Web Client has been brought inline with the behavior of the Smart Client. It now allows elements to be individually enabled even if the controller is disabled.

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SVY-5695: Since Servoy 6.1 the name of the Solution was automatically appended to the name of the shortcut created by Java Webstart when branding was enabled, to get the same behavior as when branding was not enabled and to be able to have multiple shortcuts be created for multiple solutions hosted on the same Servoy Application Server. However, this change did not take into account the fact that if only one solution was hosted, it might be preferred to not have the name of the Solution included, but only the value of the servoy.branding.webstart.shortcuttitle setting. It also did not take into account the fact that the name of the Solution is usually something internal to the developer and the public "name" is set in the title property of the Solution. Hence Servoy 7.4 reverts the behavior of including the name of the solution into the title of the shortcut by default when branding is enabled. Instead it now supports to put the value of the title property of the Solution into the name of the icon, by including the following syntax in the value of the servoy.branding.webstart.shortcuttitle setting: %%solution.title%%

SVY-5876 In the case of exceptions occurring in the Web Client, the default error page offers a link to return to the homepage. Prior to Servoy 7.4 this link would redirect the user to the main entry point of the Servoy Application Server. As of Servoy 7.4 this instead redirects to /servoy-webclient/

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