QF-test Documentation:

http://www.qfs.de/en/qftest/tutorial.html    - html

http://www.qfs.de/qftest/tutorial_en.pdf     - pdf

http://www.qfs.de/en/qftest/demos.html     - video


Before You Start

JRE Instrumentation



Main Window Description

Starting the Application

Our first step will be to examine the Setup node:

Context Help

While working with various nodes in QF-Test you may, for example, require some asistance in remembering what purpose they are used for. To serve this need, QF-Test comes with context-sensitive help, driven simply by your mouse. Move the mouse pointer over an element you would like to have assistance with, then click the right mouse-button. In the now appearing popup menu, you'll see an entry labeled 'What's this?' By selecting this option from the popup menu, the appropriate section in the user's manual will be brought up and displayed in your standard browser.

Recording Events

Recording Checks

Playback - Running the Script

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