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  • Creating and Using Templates
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Servoy allows the creation of three different types of templates:

  1. Element template – an element or group of elements can be selected and made into a template.
  2. Complete Form template – the entire form can be saved as a template.
  3. Form template – A basic 'empty' form can be set up with parts and other meta properties, which can then be saved as a template. 

Regardless of the type of template, selected elements or the currently active form can be saved as a template by clicking on the Save as Template button on the Actions toolbar: 
The saved templates then appear in the Templates drawer of the palette. This list is shared by forms of the same solution. There are two ways to use saved templates:

  1. By selecting a template from the palette and placing it into an active form.
  2. By specifying a template via the New Form wizard in the process of creating a new form.

Templates are stored in the Resource project assigned to a solution. Whenever a new template is created, it appears in the contextual list when the Templates node is selected in Solution Explorer .

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