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Servoy uses intelligent technology to track and cache data that Servoy Clients use, lowering the load of the Servoy Application Server and on the back-end database.

The Servoy Application Server tracks which clients have what data cached and then broadcasts data changes to only those clients that have the old data cached.

The databroadcasting mechanism prevents users from seeing stale data. Incoming databroadcasts in Servoy Clients are automatically processed, without having the developer having to write one line of code.

Servoy provides the developer with an API to listen to incoming databroadcasts and invoke business logic based on the incoming broadcasts or to send out databroadcasts when data used by multiple Servoy clients has been altered outside of Servoy.

Servoy also supports locking and transactions for the developer to take control of the entire data management. See the Programming Guide for more information.

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