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Getting Started

Debugging uses the following general process: (1) starting a Servoy client, (2) setting breakpoints for errors detected, then (3) switching to the Debug perspective to proceed with debugging.

1. Starting A Servoy Client
Servoy solutions can be tested in the desired environment by launching the (1) Smart Client or (2) Web Client (see image).
Clicking on either button launches the Servoy client for the currently active solution.

2. Setting Breakpoints
When an error is encountered while running a Servoy client, developers can set breakpoints for methods in the script that they wish to debug.
Breakpoints can be added to any open script file, regardless of whether or not a Servoy client is running. To add breakpoints:

  1. Open the script that you wish to debug in Script Editor.
  2. Double-click on the left side bar to add a breakpoint to the specific line in the method you that would like to debug.
  3. Repeat the process to add breakpoints as needed.

    Note: To remove breakpoints, simply double-click on the breakpoint again.

3. Switching To The Debug Perspective
When a breakpoint is reached while using the Servoy client, a prompt will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to switch to the Debug Perspective. At this point, you can select the option to 'Remember my decision.'
You can then continue with the debugging process in the Debug Perspective.

Note: You also can start debugging at a specific method within the script using the following steps:

  1. Open the script in Script Editor
  2. Set the breakpoint for the method, if one has not been set.
  3. In the Solution Explorer contextual list, right-click the desired method.
  4. Select Debug method. 
    This will take you to the Debug perspective, with the particular method being debugged highlighted.
    This procedure is only available once a Servoy client has been started.

Note: You can switch between the Debug and Servoy Design perspectives at any time using the following methods:

  • Via the Window menu item > Open Perspective > Debug
  • By clicking on the Open Perspective icon at the top right corner of the Servoy Design Perspective (see image).

You can then continue with the debugging process in the Debug Perspective.

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