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  • Script Editor Tips and Shortcuts
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Below is a list of Script Editor keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt-Up/Down: moves selected rows up and down
  • Double-click after opening bracket (or before closing bracket): highlights the code between the brackets and scrolls the matching bracket into view if applicable. Works for {}, (), [], '' and ""
  • Control-Shift-f: formats the selected code
  • Control-/: (un)comments the selected/current line using //
  • Control-Shift-/: (un)comments the selected/current line using /....
  • Control-Numpad_Divide: enable folding
  • Control-Numpad_Multiply: Expand all
  • Control-Shift-Numpad_Divide: Collapse folding
  • Alt-Shift-K: Look for a Object by name (form, relation, valuelist, method etc) (was Control-Shift-L until Servoy 8.1.2)
  • Control-Shift-L Show shortcut list. (since Servoy 8.1.2)
  • Control-H: file-based search in workspace
  • Control-o: Quick outline for the current editor
  • Control-l: Jump to linenumber
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