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The Web Client Settings are applicable to the Servoy Web client only.

Filename of an HTML file that resides in /servoy-webclient/templates/default/ which will be shown when an error occurs.

Filename of an HTML file that resides in /servoy-webclient/templates/default/ which will be shown when the session times out.


The URL which should be used or redirected to when the session expires.


The number of seconds a redirect should happen, -1 or null means no redirect, 0 immediate redirect, >0 x seconds wait before auto redirect.


Enable or disable the use of Ajax technology in web clients.


This is the polling frequency in seconds that a Web Client will look for data changes on the server, default/empty = 5s, 0 = disabled.


The URLs will always have the solution name in the URL and the URL can be pasted to somebody that also wants to load the solution.


The ids used for elements in the web templates are UUIDs by default. Changing them to local ids makes the pages much smaller in size, but eliminates template editing since templates with local ids do not work on another application server!


Sets the maximum upload size, in kilobytes, that a user can do through the upload/media field. 0 or not set is no maximum.

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