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Users can create a solution using one of the following ways:

  • Via the File Menu>New>Servoy Solution
  • Using the New Wizard button on the Toolbar (the drop-down on the right allows users to select Servoy Solution; a click on the button itself brings up the New/Select a Wizard window from which Servoy Solution can be selected from the Servoy node.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut ALT+SHIFT+N (cmd N) and selecting Servoy Solution from the New/Select a Wizard list.
  • Accessing the context menu in Solution Explorer on either the All Solutions or the active solution node and selecting Create New Solution.

When you create a new solution, the following New Solution wizard appears.

  1. Enter the name you wish to use for the new solution.

    Solution names are case-sensitive.

  2. Select the solution type from the following options:
    • Normal – a standard solution that can be deployed both to the web and as a smart client
    • Module – a solution that will be used as part of another solution
    • Web Client Only – a solution that will only be deployed as a web client
    • Smart Client Only – a solution that will only be deployed as a smart client
    • Login – a module solution that enables clients to login to a Servoy solution
    • Authenticator – a module solution that authenticates users on the solution server.
    • Pre-import hook module – a module solution that is used during application import.
    • Post-import hook module – a module solution that deploys upon application import.

      Note: When you create a new solution as a module, this module is added to the currently active solution.

      Tip: The solution type can be changed after it is created via the Properties view. Under the Properties node, click on solutionType; a drop-down list will appear displaying the available solution types.

  3. Select the resource project.
  4. The resource project contains settings for database servers, styles, user and group security, i18n, and any available templates.
    • You can select an existing resource project or create a new resource project.
  5. Click Finish.
    • The new solution is activated in Solution Explorer.
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