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  • Performing an Unattended Installation
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The All-In-One installer can also be used to perform unattended installation - for example, as part of an automated process or on machines that do not have a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Performing an unattended installation requires an installation script. The installation script can be created by executing the All-In-One installer on an environment that does have a GUI as described in Running the All-In-One Installer. The last step in the installer allows for the generation of an automatic installation script.

To perform the unattended installation, open a command line or terminal window and execute the following command:

java -jar servoy_installer.jar servoy_install.xml

Note that the servoy_install.xml saved from previous install run needs to be replaced with the name given to the generated automatic installation script.

The unattended installation can also be performed without the .xml file. This will install Servoy with all options checked.

java -jar servoy_installer.jar -console