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Servoy includes several sample solutions that are installed by default. Additionally, there are several samples that are only available online.

In this space, all shipped and online samples are listed, with additional information. The sample solutions can be used as a starting point for development or just learn Servoy by examining the code in the samples.

Shipped samples

All of the shipped sample solutions are marked as such on their detail page. Shipped samples are installed by default when installing Servoy Developer, but it is possible to disable their installation.

When installed, they can be found in {servoyInstall}/application_server/solutions/examples. They can be imported through the import options in Servoy Developer: File > Import... > Servoy > Import Solution. For more information on importing Solutions into Servoy Developer, see Exporting and Importing Solutions

Online samples

Several of the available samples are only available online. The samples are stored in our central examples SVN, which can be accessed anonymously to check out the latest version. The exact location of the solution in SVN is supplied on the detail page for the specific sample. For more info on SVN and checking out solutions from SVN, see the Team Development and more specifically the SVN Team Provider chapters in the Developer User Guide.

Current Samples

  • Mobile DemoDemo solution showing the capabilities of the Servoy Mobile platform
  • Mobile Delivery DemoDemo Sample CRM data as Servoy Mobile delivery app
  • Mobile CRM SampleDemo CRM solution showing the capabilities of the Servoy Mobile platform related to Sample CRM data
  • Sample CRMA basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and invoicing solution.
  • SolutionModel SampleDemo showing some capabilities of solution blueprint/model at runtime
  • PDF Forms sampleThis example takes PDF forms that are stored inside the database and uses the PDF_forms plugin to open it in a browser.
  • Simple Chat solutionA simple chat application that can be used over a LAN, utilizing the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) plugin
  • Google MapsThis sample shows how to integrate Google Maps into the Servoy Web Client and provide two-way communication through non-editable HTML Area's
  • TreeBean SampleThis sample shows how to use the dbTreeBean and the dbTreeTableBean in servoy
  • Drag 'n' DropThis sample shows how to use the Drag 'n' Drop event system in Servoy
  • SaaSThis sample shows how to use Servoy in a SaaS (Software As a Service) environment, by having tenants sharing one database and tenants having their own database.

The sample solutions are provided free-of-charge for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. It is not recommend using the Servoy sample solutions in a production environment. The Servoy sample solutions are not supported in any way. Use the Servoy sample solutions at your own risk. Servoy assumes no responsibility or liability as a result of any problems that may occur.