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Specifying an Instance Name

When working with multiple Application Server instances, it can come in handy to 'name' each instance. When an instance is named, the name will appear on the main page of the Admin pages.

Naming an instance can be done in two ways:

  1. Adding the instance name to the startup command of the Application Server: Locate servoy_server.bat/.sh in the {servoyInstall}/application_server directory and open the file with a text editor. Add the following to the line that starts with 'java ':

  2. Specifying the instance name using a System Property: System properties can be managed thorugh the Admin pages, see Servoy Settings. Add a property with the name '' and the name of the instance as value, like below:

Restart required

After adding the property, the change needs to be saved. After saving, the Application Server needs to be restarted for the instance name to appear

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