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Zip file structure


  • componentname
    • componentname.spec
    • componentname.html
    • componentname.js

MANIFEST.MF contents

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.8.4
Created-By: 1.7.0_05-b06 (Oracle Corporation)
Bundle-Name: Servoy Components
Name: componentname/componentname.spec
Web-Component: True

NOTE the extra blank line at the end of MANIFEST.MF

If you edit the MANIFEST.MF manually make sure to always have an extra blank line at the end of the file. Otherwise the last line will not be read in correctly possibly leading the last service/component listed there not showing up.


The MANIFEST.MF file can include library dependencies. In case web components of the same package require the same library dependencies let the MANIFEST.MF file include the library dependencies instead of including the same library in the .spec file of each web component.

JS-ClientLibs: packagename/lib/filename.js;name=libraryname;version=3.3.1, packagename/lib/anotherfile.js;name=anotherlibrary;version=3.3.1
JS-DesignLibs: packagename/lib/filename.js;name=libraryname;version=3.3.1, packagename/lib/anotherfile.js;name=anotherlibrary;version=3.3.1
CSS-ClientLibs: packagename/lib/filename.css;name=cssname;version=3.3.1
CSS-DesignLibs: packagename/lib/filename.css;name=formdesignercss;version=3.3.1


DesignLibs are used in the Form editor only. It is possible to customize the look & feel of web components in the form designer to improve the experience in the editor. For instance it would be possible to define a min-height and min-width for the web-component in the editor only so that it can be selected by the user in form editor.

By default, a component package and its contents is displayed in the HTML editor palette for both of the two types of forms: Responsive-Layout and Absolute-Layout. In order to include a component package in palette only when editing one type of form, the MANIFEST.MF file should also contain one of the two lines below

Responsive-Layout: True
Absolute-Layout: True


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