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Servoy can connect to any type of database that supports JDBC connections.

By default, Servoy comes bundled with the PostgreSQL engine, a Servoy Repository database and a set of sample databases, but the installation of the engine and databases is optional in the installer.

In order to be able to start, the Servoy Application Server requires a connection to the Servoy Repository. When using existing databases, a valid connection to a properly configured Servoy Repository is required for the Servoy Application Server to be able to start.

Using the bundled PostgreSQL engine i.c.w. existing databases

When the installation of the PostgreSQL database engine is required, keep the Database option in the All-In-One installer checked.

After installing the Servoy Application Server, the following steps are required to remove the sample databases and connect the PostgreSQL engine to existing PostgreSQL databases:

  • Start the database (for information on starting the database, look here )
  • Connect to the database using the commandline psql utility and drop the unwanted databases:
    {servoy_install}/application_server/postgres_db/bin/psql postgres DBA
  • Dropping the sample databases
    drop database if exists user_data;
    drop database if exists example;
    drop database if exists log_data;
    drop database if exists udm;
    drop database if exists pdf_forms;
    drop database if exists bug_db;
  • Restore a dump of the existing databases. For information on how to backup and restore databases, see the PostgreSQL documentation here.

Not using the bundled PostgreSQL database engine

When not using the PostgreSQL database engine, the option can be unchecked in the installer. This will skip the installation of the PostgreSQL database engine, the repository database and the sample databases.

Since the Servoy Application Server requires at least one connection named 'repository_server' for the Servoy Repository, when unchecking the 'Database' option in the All-In-One installer, the installation of the Servoy Application Server will not be ready for use after finishing the All-In-One installer.

In order to get the Servoy Application Server ready for use the following steps are required:

  • Copy a file from another installation (for example a Servoy Developer installation) into the /application_server directory
  • If the copied file doesn't already contain properly configured database connections, see Manual configuration in the Database Connections chapter for more information on how to manually edit the file.

Depending on the type of databases used, JDBC drivers might need to be added. See JDBC Drivers in the Database Connections chapter for more information.

Using an existing database for the [Servoy Repository]

See Servoy Repository upgrade for information on upgrading or creating the Servoy Repository tables in an existing database.

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