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See the Servoy 6.0 RC2 Release post on the Servoy Talk forum for a list of all bugfixes. 

The following notable additions and changes were made in RC2:


  • Added shortcut to Servoy Admin page under Help menu
  • First form created within a Solution is automatically set as the main Form for that Solution
  • Preliminary support in Script Editor to suppress warnings: using the JSDoc tag  "@SuppressWarnings (deprecated)" on function level, any warning within the function that is related to calling deprecated API will be suppressed.

Solution Development

  • Added .setSize() and .setLocation() to JSWindow objects
  • Dialogs from the Dialogs plugin in the Smart Client will be modal only to their parent JSWindow (hierarchy) if the Smart Client runs under Java 6. If the Smart Client runs under Java 5, the dialogs will be application modal, meaning all JSWindows are blocked. Unfortunately Java 5 only has the limited application modality option for.

All-In-One Installer

  • Changed display of the License Agreements from plain to styled text, for better readability
  • Included a warning when trying to install Servoy into Program Files on Windows, as this is known to cause issues
  • Several cosmetic and textual updates 
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